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Gallery 2: Stations

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Hudson Tubes Exchange Place station served the Jersey City Pennsylvania Railroad Station

Before the Hudson Tubes, almost all railroads had their New York stations in New Jersey. The Pennsylvania Railroad's Jersey City Terminal at Exchange Place was that road's main station for New York.

Hudson Tubes / PATH North River map before the Tubes showing ferries

Train passengers crossed the North River on numerous ferry routes. This map from the late 19th Century shows the route the first attempt at tunneling was to follow.

Hudson Tubes / Hudson & Manhattan RR: Tubes vs ferries crossing the Hudson River

The 20 minute ferry crossings sometimes stretched out into an hour or longer when bad weather set in. The "Hudson Tunnel" was to give passengers a safe, reliable and comfortable crossing. 

Hudson Tubes / Hudson & Manhattan RR: H&M Stock certificate extract

This detail-view of an H&M stock certificate presents the tubular construction from which The Tubes took their nickname.

Hudson Tubes / Hudson & Manhattan RR:Proposed extensions to the Hudson Tubes



The Tubes' planned extensions eastwards from 9th Street to the East Side IRT and northwards from 33rd Street to Grand Central Terminal [highlighted in yellow] were never completed, although the long and extremely wide IND pedestrian tunnel under Sixth Avenue from 34th to 36th Street is a vestigial remainder of the northwards extension.

Hudson Tubes / Hudson & Manhattan RR: Idealized view of Hudson Tubes from stock certificate

An idealized view on a contemporary H&M stock certificate depicts the downtown Tubes running from Jersey City's Exchange Place on the left with the PRR terminal to the new Hudson Terminal in Manhattan on the right.

Hudson Tubes / Hudson & Manhattan RR: Endangered Jersey City Powerhouse of the H&M

There is now a preservation campaign to save the endangered  H&M Power Plant near Exchange Place. Here a drawing of the building in its original condition...

 Hudson Tubes / Hudson & Manhattan RR: H&M Powerhouse Jersey City

... and here in a photograph from 1999. Click here to read more.

H&M Mosaic Hudson Tubes PATH

The corporate colors of the H&M's Hudson Tubes were red and white. Here is one of the few, if not the only, original signs left. The red and white mosaic directs passengers at the 14th Street station of the 6th Avenue IND to the Tubes' 14th street station.

Hudson Tubes / PATH / H&M Interior of black car with unsuccessful announcement board for next stop

This interior shot of a black car shows a short lived experiment to announce the upcoming station in advance through a telegraph board. Interestingly a half century before such devices came into common use.

  Hudson Tubes / Hudson & Manhattan RR:  K-Seies car 12227 nach Hudson Terminal [NY] unterwegs

Sporting a new PATH emblem just after the PA takeover, K series car no. 1227 from St. Louis Car Co. travels the above ground segment west of Journal Square  on its way to Hudson Terminal [NY]

Hudson Tubes / Hudson & Manhattan RR: Interior of PATH Hudson Tube PA car

New cars after the PA takeover: the interior of the PA-1 thru PA-4 series always were very similar to one another. After the rebuilding of the older series with only longitudinal seating, they probably appear exactly the same to most passengers.

Hudson Tubes / Hudson & Manhattan RR: Trolley heading down trestle to Hoboken

Competition in New Jersey: a Public Service trolley car on the trestle running up the Palisades and providing an alternate connection between the Hoboken and Journal Square stations.

Hudson Tubes / Hudson & Manhattan RR: Caisson junction under Jersey City colored view

Doubledecked Flying Junction: Just leaving the river tunnel and entering under Jersey City, a tube train from the east [Manhattan] is about to start heading southwards towards the second complicated flying junction between Erie / Exchange Place / Grove Street. In the background the tower [since removed] stands atop the DL&W station in  Hoboken .....

Hudson Tubes / Hudson & Manhattan RR: Caisson junction under Jersey City Hoboken

... and here a less picturesque but larger, clearer and annotated cutaway version of that junction.

Hudson Tubes / Hudson & Manhattan RR: schematic track layout

This schematic is from the early 1990s but shows the layout of the underground  section of the Tubes from the beginning to the present. Note the references to the 19th and 28th Street stations as well as to Hudson Terminal. []

This second schematic dating from after the Port Authority takeover  is from Terry Kennedy's collection and gives even more detail.

Hudson Tubes / Hudson & Manhattan RR: Map PATH [H&M] c1940

A clear overview of the Tubes in 1940 [NY World's Fair]...

Hudson Tubes / Hudson & Manhattan RR: Map PATH /  Tubes in 1999

..... and a more detailed route map [1999]

PATH Train service after the terrorist attacks Hudson Tubes

.... and the provisional service after the 2001 terrorist attacks on America.

The Tubes were regarded more as a railroad than just a transit system. Both the Tubes' and the first class railroads' schedules listed the Tubes as a connecting railroad. Here a New York-Chicago run. From Fallen Flag Railroads of New Jersey

Hudson Tubes / Hudson & Manhattan RR: Hudson Tubes competitors on the Hudson River ferries 1950 Map

Compare with the map of the Tubes' early competition in Construction History. By 1950 there were only 5-6 ferries still crossing the North River; this map ignores them and instead shows the Tubes and its vehicular tunnel competition. From Fallen Flag Railroads of New Jersey

Gallery 2: Stations

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