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Links to Sites Connected with the Hudson Tubes
  • Official PATH Schedules Detailed listings of current weekend and weekend schedules.
  • Bob Scheurle's Unoffical PATH website  contains fare information as well as street maps showing the location of each PATH station.
  • Hudson & Manhattan Powerhouse Conservancy The Hudson & Manhattan Railroad Powerhouse is a first rank, world-class architectural and engineering achievement, one that must continue to exist as a splendid blueprint of Jersey City's greatest era. It is one of the last reminders of both the Gilded and Industrial Ages.
  • PATH Car Naming program Background information and listing of PATH cars named after localities in New Jersey
  • The H&M / PATH  complete car  register is maintained at the NYC Subway site which has additional Tubes information.


Links to Sites of Transit and Jersey City Interest
  • Kavanagh Transit Photos brings you over 525 photographs of transit and railroad related items from 49 different cities, 8 countries, on 3 continents.
  • Although Transit World New York is focussed on the New York / New Jersey area, it also has images and info on transit and railroading throughout the country.
  • Robert Reynolds' website, The Subway Page,  offers not only a large selection of transit links and maps but also an interesting transit bibliography.
  • Above the Journal Square Tubes station is the Loew's Jersey, one of the country's largest and most ornate movie palaces, now being restored to its original condition. This site, run by the Friends of the Loews Jersey, gives the details and displays fantastic images of the restored theater.



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