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At the beginning of the Tubes' operations there were two Uptown lines to 33rd Street, one originating in Hoboken, the other at Summit Avenue (Journal Square); there were also two downtown lines to Hudson Terminal from each of those originating stations. The Journal Square downtown line usually ran on to Manhattan Transfer, Harrison and Park Place in Newark.

H&M Tubes: PATH  route map nowAt Hudson Terminal the Manhattan connections via the downtown lines were with the 6th and 9th Avenue Els as well as with the new IRT subway whose Fulton Street station was about a block to the east. 

The uptown lines connected at Christopher Street to the 9th Avenue El, while there were connections to the 6th Avenue El at 9th, 14th, 23rd and 33rd Streets. In Hudson County Exchange Place served the Pennsylvania Railroad; Erie tapped the New York Susquehanna & Western Railroad [which moved here from the PRR station shortly after the Tubes began operating] as well as the Erie Railroad; Hoboken connected to the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad and to  many trolley routes, including an elevated route that connected Hoboken and the Heights section of Jersey City. Hoboken was also the link to several major ocean liner terminals (Hamburg-Amerika, North German Lloyd, Holland America); Manhattan Transfer handled passengers from PRR trains that were being switched from steam to electric power.

In general, the original running times through the underground sections were slightly shorter than the current running times, e.g., Hoboken to Hudson Terminal was scheduled for 9 minutes, while today that run is 11 minutes. 

Today the routes - and the running times - have changed very little. There is a total of 43.1 miles of track, 13.8 miles of which make up the service mileage.  The total mileage of the base routes is 20.1 miles.  Of the service mileage 7.4 miles are in tunnels, while 6.4 miles are above ground with the surface route beginning between Grove Street and Journal Square stations.

In the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, the WTC station and Exchange Place station are closed.

 There are now two base Uptown Lines: one running from 33rd Street to Hoboken; the other running from 33rd Street to Newark via Pavonia / Newport and Journal Square. Christopher Street to Manhattan is skipped during the evening rush hour.

The third line  now in operation is an intra-state New Jersey line: Journal Square<>Hoboken Service via Grove Street, Pavonia/Newport. Click for Current Schedules and Current Holiday Weekend Schedules

To the right is a clickable sketch of general post terrorist attack service without the downtown line, also showing the Hudson Bergen trolley, several ferry and road connections. Clicking this image displays the official map of the interim service routes.PATH Hudson Tubes interim service map


The base routes are:

  1. Uptown (Journal Square<>33rd Street:  5.7 miles in 22 minutes);
  2. Downtown (Newark<>Journal Square<>World Trade Center: 8.9 miles in 22 minutes);
  3. Hoboken Uptown (Hoboken<>33rd Street: 3.5 miles  in 14 minutes); and
  4. Hoboken Downtown (Hoboken<>World Trade Center: 3 miles  in 11 minutes).

In the rush hours there is a shortened Downtown line, Journal Square<>World Trade Center. During the evenings and on weekends the Uptown and the Uptown Hoboken lines are run as one route. Trains begin at Journal Square, run to Hoboken where the train changes direction and continues through the uptown tunnel to 33rd Street: 6.7 miles in 25 minutes.

Trains normally consist of 8 cars but in the rush hours that number is at times increased.

The closest headways now are at three minutes for the downtown lines and 6 minutes for the uptown ones; the many sharp curves on the uptown lines set a  practical maximum for the headways.


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